it wasn’t me, it was the xtc…

Chefs and restaurant personnel do crazy things.  In front of staff, customers, and purveyors.  Many can be mortifying.  After a lifetime of embarrassing moments very little could scarlet my cheeks.

I had blown out ligaments in my right knee.  Everyone knew I was in pain.  That standing on my feet was not a good idea. – but one I had no choice but to do. My young staff was getting used to my running to my office for a “pill”.  I didn’t think much of it.  They were adults.

One day my girlfriend came to visit.  I forget why.  All I know is she came to the food pass through with 2 staff members on her coat tails.  I was under the exhaust hood fans, yelling.  Seriously.  Yelling.  Hearing under loud fans isn’t easy.  One learns to yell.

She got my attention by ringing the pick up bell.  NEVER A good idea.  I turned around to glare BUT saw her offering up a  pill.  Not asking – I assumed it was  pain medication- I grabbed it, threw it in my mouth and reached for a swig of water.  AS I’m putting the bottle down I saw her waving her arms, frantically.  I swallowed and said “what?”  She said “I found it in a zip car”.

Uh…… really.  My young staff loved that I spent the day touching them gently and reminding them how much I loved them.  I wasn’t me, it was the XTC.

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