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“The Meetinghouse: I’d walk across town for a meal here.” – Patricai Nterman, SF Examiner

“Your vegan chili is the best chili I’ve ever had.” – Wendy C.

“I just wanted to tell you how absolutely delicious your hors d’oeuvres were last night. Thanks to you, we had a very successful and elegant fundraising event at The Hamlin School.” – Carolyn L.

“My friends and I think our meal last night at The Meetinghouse was the best meal we’ve ever had. Thank you for your kindness and for a wonderful evening.” – Audrey K.

“I realize, you, Ms.Joanna, were the best thing on our wedding day. It was so much more than I could have ever anticipated. All friends & family gushed at how wonderful the food, the cake and decorations were. We appreciate your hard work making ‘our day’ the best day ever.” – Kristen & Bill Schwartz

“Joanna’s recommendations and advice during our acquisition, renovations and expectations for Baker & Banker were beneficial, advantageous, and overwhelmingly useful. She helped us avoid many pitfalls that could have come our way. We’re forever grateful.” – Jeff Banker, chef Baker & Banker

“Restaurants like The Meetinghouse demonstrate why San Francisco is... arguably the greatest restaurant city in the world.” – City Guide

“Karlinsky flew around the room, laughing, seating guests, and checking on enjoyment level –it’s clearly a tribute to this tiny restaurant’s staying power that she often knows half the customers’ names.” – Dainne Jacob, SF Weekly

“Biscuit Portraiture. Wipe you’re brow and say thanks, she’s brought the biscuits with her. Praise Jesus. Throw you’re hands in the air. And then get your Yankee, Southern, or just plain foreign ass down to Fillmore Street. Ain’t no joke. These biscuits are worth their weight in poetic gold. I can say Goddamn.” – Shauna Lydon, blogger

“Sweet Jo’s EPizza Pie is yummy! I thought I had tried every type of pizza out there but I was wrong – you have got to go here and check this out! I am getting hungry just thinking about it.” – BDenise M at Insider Pages